Neil Gaiman Discusses Sandman: Overture


Neil Gaiman recently spoke with Rolling Stone about his upcoming Sandman: Overture. Here are a couple of excerpts.

Why go back to the very beginning of the Sandman narrative after all this time?
Well, one pretty obvious question that nobody actually asked when the comic book came out was basically why was the Sandman so easy to catch. You start with issue number one and you have Dream of the Endless, one of the most powerful beings in the universe, and he’s caught by a little bunch of half-fake wizards pretending to do Aleister Crowley-esque black magic in their basement. They catch him and they don’t really even know what to do with him. But how did he get caught so easily? Why was he dressed for war? Why did he have all this stuff with him? So you learn as The Sandman goes on that he was on his way back from a distant galaxy and tired beyond exhaustion. And I didn’t get to tell anybody the story of what had happened. Gaiman continued, I loved bringing back the Corinthian. The joy of writing Sandman Overture is almost this weird feeling, like, “I wonder if these characters are still there in my head. I wonder if they still sound like themselves. I wonder if their voices are there.” And you go in and you go, “Yep! They’re there! That’s her. That’s what she’d say.”

Is the character sort of an idealized version of yourself?
God, I hope not. The only thing that I think is particularly funny is that when I was a young man with very normal hair, I was writing Sandman with huge, weird, crazy hair. Now that I’m old I seem to have pretty much default crazy hair no matter what I do. I have this Einstein meets Robert Smith mashup haircut. The only things that I really noticed that I borrowed from me, when I was writing him, was the dress sense of somebody who figured out how to get on with life wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt. I said, “Here you go. You can wear black. It’s a nice color. It goes with anything.”

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Sandman: Overture hits the stands 10/30/13

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