Jaimie Alexander Talking To WB About Superman Vs. Batman, Confirms More Thor


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Jaimie Alexander was at the Comikaze expo today promoting Thor: The Dark World when she let something interesting slip. Mark Hughes from Forbes tweeted

That seems to imply that Alexander may be in talks to appear as Wonder Woman (rumored to make a surprise appearance, remember those Wonder Woman cameo in MOS rumors?) in the upcoming World’s Finest movie. The actress has been campaigning for the role for awhile, but let’s not forget that an unnamed love interest (specifically created for the film) for Batman (Ben Affleck) has been confirmed. The actress could be up for that role and not Wonder Woman. While playing coy about her possible DC cinematic outing, Alexander did confirm Thor 3.


One more note of interest about the future of the DC Cinematic Universe:


Man Of Steel 2: Superman Vs. Batman (not the actual title) opens in theaters 07/17/15

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