The Latest Superman Vs. Batman Rumors

Two very big Man Of Steel 2 rumors have hit the web. Find out what they are after the jump.


According to Latino Review, they have learned that Dick Grayson/Nightwing will appear in the movie and that WB casting is looking for ” a young John Hawkes type” also “the actor must know martial arts”.


El Mayimbe explains who John Hawkes is (for those not familar) and what type of relationship Nightwing – IF the character shows up – and Batman have in the new the movie. Check out the video below.

Next up is the persistent “Wonder Woman is going be in MOS 2” rumor. Jaimie Alexander (Sif from the Thor movies) recently said she had talked to Warner Brothers about Superman Vs. Batman but didn’t say in what capacity which opened the flood gate of speculation about the actress as WW appearing in the film.

The Schmoes seem to know that another actress is being considered for the role. Coming from one of their very reliable sources, Olga Kurylenko (The Quantum Of Solace) has tested for Wonder Woman.


All I say can is, great if Wonder Woman shows up, but everybody seems to be overlooking the fact that the WB confirmed a love interest for Batman in MOS 2 perhaps these actresses are up for THAT role instead of WW. However, perhaps they’re going this route so Wonder Woman and Batman’s girlfriend are one and the same.


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Man Of Steel 2: Superman Vs. Batman (not the actual title) opens in theaters 07/17/15

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