Comics-x-aminer Presents: ‘Turkey’ Week Part 7 – Turkish Star Wars

Here at Comics-x-aminer we are starting a new tradition, in similar vain of Mystery Science Theater’s turkey day, we are doing Turkey Week. What is Turkey Week, well it’s where we so you the viewer a whole week of movies from the country of Turkey, but not just any movies, rip-off movies. You see, in the late seventies and early eighties the Turkish film association decided to ban western films from coming into the country and instead, make their own versions of that American film. So, consider these movies an A-budget version of a sweded film or in better terms, a c-budget film compared to the American classic.


Turkey Week Final: The Man Who Saved The World AKA Turkish Star Wars

By Cory Robinson

For those who have reading our turkey week articles day after day, we here at Comics-x-aminer personally thank you for reading the articles.  That being said, I decided to take a day off yesterday so I could calm down and personally process on what the hell I just watched.  You see, I’ve decided that on the last day Turkish Star Wars was going to be the last one and I was going to write a detailed article explaining the movie.  Instead, I’ve decided to let you the viewer be surprised on watching whatever the hell happens in this movie.

This is one of the craziest movies I have ever seen.  The plot makes no sense and contradicts itself every five minutes and then just decides to just please the viewers by having fight scene after fight scene.  Fight scenes are usually fun to watch, but not if there are six of them that run around ten minutes apiece.  The reason the fight scenes are so long has to do with the writer of the film, who also happens to be the film’s main star.  That film’s star is none other than Cuneyt Arkin who ‘Turkey Week’ viewers might remember as the star of Turkish Jaws, that and a lot of the same people who worked on that film, worked on this film as well.  God help us all.

The only reason this movie is called Turkish Star Wars is because the filmmakers decided to take just the Death Star footage from the original Star Wars film and try to make a plot from it.  The basic film premise (if you could call it that) is where an evil wizard who is 1,000 or 10,000 years old because the actors can never get the age right, blows up the earth (while using stock footage of Darth Vader blowing up Alderaan) but not before the humans win a nuclear war against an unknown enemy in which earth celebrates by making peace and merging with other countries to merge into one super race after many years of combining other races, which just happens to be Turkish people.


Anyway, the evil super wizard blows up the Earth into eight pieces that drift along the galaxy, but the evil wizard wants a human brain from one certain part of Earth because they were the most advanced from the arms race and that a human brain is the most desired thing in all the galaxy, because aliens don’t have brains according to the narrator.  The earthlings decided to combat the evil wizard by building a barrier around the earth out of human brains and willpower which ends up looking like the Death Star from Star Wars, which in fact it is.

The rest of the movie makes as much sense, with our two main heroes flying in Tie Fighters, because that’s what good heroes fly in, trying to combat against the evil wizard while trying to find the legendary sword and brain needed to defeat him.  This movie is so stupid, it’s genius.  I highly recommend everybody see this film so at least you known that this film exists.  I don’t want to give away the majority of the film because in this case, I believe talking too much about this gem takes away from the viewing experience.   Luckily, this film has subtitles so all you need to do is click on the link and click on the captions button and just hope your human brain doesn’t explode.

I hope everyone enjoyed ‘Turkey Week’ as much as I had and I would personally like to thank Jim (Comics-X-Aminer) for letting me do this articles and to tell you that I will be back reviewing fairly soon with some comic book movies that should probably be better off forgotten.  But then again, I’m never one for learning my lesson.

There you have it Fellow Xaminers, the final piece in our ‘Turkey’ week series. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to these articles, Cory will definitely be back soon to give more insight into other bad sci-fi and superhero films.

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