Comics-X-Aminer Review: Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special


Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special Review

By Cory Robinson

Season’s greetings from everyone here at Comics-X-aminer!!! We here at the website love the holidays and to celebrate, we are giving you the gift of a comic book movie that you might have not known existed. That movie is the Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special. Now, I’m not talking about the Guy Ritchie project or the Dwayne Johnson project that were both cancelled abruptly, this was an actual short film produced by the American Film Institute.

The film was directed by Scott Leberecht who is mostly known for being a visual effects director on such films as: Spawn, Sleepy Hollow, and Flubber. The film is technically an educational exercise since it was produced by AFI Films so it isn’t technically a fan film but since it was an exercise production made to get people’s foot in the door, the filmmakers could use the rights to Lobo and the story. So technically, it’s a comic book movie in the sense so let me stop yapping about cracks in the legal system and start talking about the film.

The film stars Andrew Bryniarski as the main man himself who is better known by playing Leatherface in the reboot of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and its sequel. A fun fact was that Andrew actually lobbied to play the part of Lobo since 1999 when the film was first announced. He even went so far as to hire makeup artist to dress him up as Lobo to take pictures in which he sent to Warner Brothers and many film trade publications. Andrew finally gets his chance and he doesn’t disappoint, he looks the part, is ripped as hell, and looks like he could punch your face into oblivion at any moment. The filmmakers do a really good job transitioning Lobo to the screen, they give him his trademark hook and chain and his “Bite Me Fanboy” jacket.


The only real problem with the film is the incredibly low-budget which was supposedly $2,400 dollars but most people who worked on the film donated their time and worked for nothing just to get the film done. For those who don’t know the story, The Easter Bunny hires Lobo to kill Santa Claus because he is so fed up with Christmas being the primary holiday and feels that Santa has gone a little off his rocker in recent years. That’s the basic premise of the film and the comic, both are very entertaining and both deserve a look at.

lobo3 lobo4

We might not get a big-budget feature film adaptation of Lobo but this works well enough. It pleases Lobo fans and comedy fans fair enough. It even throws in an easter-egg (pun intended) about Lobo’s fascination with dolphins. It’s worth a look especially for the holidays, so take a look at the Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special and have some Christmas cheer from all of us here at Comics-X-aminer.
Well, there’s our gift to all of you Fellow Xaminers. Enjoy the vidoeo.

Stay tuned as Cory Robinson will continue his review of those Marvelous movies from the 1980s

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