Comics-X-Aminer Presents: Review Of Star Wars Holiday Special

Cory Robinson has sunk to the lowest bowels of suck to bring us his review of the Star Wars Holiday Special.


When doing reviews for the site, one of the biggest requests I got was doing a couple of holiday themed specials but most importantly, the Star Wars Holiday Special. For those who never heard of the Star Wars Holiday Special, and I hardly doubt anybody who has visited this site has not heard about it, was broadcast on television in 1978 only one time and supposedly George Lucas hated it so much that he shelved it and it hasn’t seen the light of day since. Well as most Star Wars fans know, just because George Lucas tries to ban it, doesn’t mean that it will come out into the light. And that is what happened in the mid 90s when bootleg tapes started to surface. The special was found again and people immediately started to make fun of it and what do we here at Comics-X-Aminer think, well it’s pretty corny for starters.
This probably has more to do with getting a list of writers and a director who are better known for making variety specials than sci-fi movies and that includes none other than Bruce Vilanch. Vilanch is best known for being on Hollywood Squares in the 90s and having a lot of gay jokes being thrown his way on South Park. Vilanch and company are probably better for writing zingers at the Oscars, not making the Star Wars Holiday Special. The basic plot is fair enough for a holiday special, Chewbacca is trying to get home to his family on Kashyyyk to celebrate Life Day which is similar to what we have for Christmas.

Don’t ask me what they really celebrate on Life Day and if it really is exclusive to just Wookies but at least you know the basic plot of the film. Now, since this holiday special is widely known for being bad, let’s just make a checklist and mark all of the problems starting with:
• Name Chewbacca’s family with names such as Lumpy and Itchy. Check
• Have many pointless musical numbers with Jefferson Starship that last longer than four minutes and have nothing to do with Christmas. Check
• Have Chewbacca’s family the main focus of the film while having Wookie grunts as the main dialogue. Check
• Clearly show your main actors having a terrible time acting in this production including Harrison Ford wishing he was anywhere else. Check
• Dress Mark Hamill like Ellen DeGeneres. Check
• Have Carrie Fisher sing some generic song using the theme from Star Wars while tacking on some really forgettable lyrics. Check
• Have Bea Arthur as the Tatooine bartender who sings people in order to get them to leave the bar and to make the Tatooine band completely irrelevant. Check
• Put in some unfunny comedic sketches that are not funny and go on way too long complements of Harvey Korman. Check
• Show what turns a Wookie on sexually. Check
• Make the highlight a cartoon that is so badly drawn and plotted that it makes the Zelda Cd-I cartoons look like a Disney quality movie in comparison. Check


Now that we got most of the bad stuff out of the way, let’s take a look at the good things in this special. To be honest, the main plot of the film is not that bad, if you necessarily had to do a corny Christmas special based off of Star Wars, you do a lot worse. It also helps that most of the original cast reprises their roles in this production. It doesn’t help the fact that we learn that Princess Leia can sing, not well mind you. The other thing that most Star Wars fans talk about is the first appearance of Boba Fett happens in this special. He is in the cartoon segment of the special and while most people praise the cartoon, the animated effects can get kind of crude with Chewbacca’s design and Han Solo never opening his eyes.

The actual design of Boba Fett is fair in its own design but I have to take some points off because he talks here in the animated short and he prefers having a giant cattle prod rather than his gun. The whole short does good on the other hand of hyping up Boba Fett for Episode V, but I just wish the animated short was done better and the way it is incorporated into the short makes no sense, is Lumpy watching a cartoon or what’s really going on with Han and Chewie?

Anyway for a Christmas special, you can do a lot worse than the Star Wars Holiday Special. If you haven’t seen it in many years or you have kids who like Star Wars, then give it a watch. Here’s the whole movie with commercials and all, just don’t tell George Lucas I told you okay.

The Star Wars Holiday Special by FilmGeek-TV

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