First Look At Detective Comics #27

DC Comics has released a sneak peek for the landmark issue. Detective Comics #27 will serve as the first installment of the 3 part Gothtopia story arc by John Layman and Jason Fabok. Check it out.


You already know that you have plenty of reasons to be excited for next month’s DETECTIVE COMICS #27. This landmark issue features stories written by the likes of Brad Meltzer, Gregg Hurwitz, Peter J. Tomasi, Mike Barr, and Scott Snyder, and art by such talents as Bryan Hitch, Neal Adams, Ian Bertram, Francesco Francavilla, Guillem March, and Sean Murphy. But that’s not all! It also serves as the first chapter of the upcoming saga, “Gothtopia.”

Written by John Layman and illustrated by Jason Fabok, “Gothtopia” serves as the final arc of the series’ current creative team – and man, are they going out with a bang! The first part in a three-issue arc, “Gothtopia” kicks off in DETECTIVE COMICS #27 and presents a very different version of Gotham City than the one readers might be used to. Here, Gotham is devoid of all crime and is the safest city on Earth. And while Bruce Wayne is still Batman, not all is as it seems with the Dark Knight. So when Batman’s one-time allies start to turn on him, who are the true heroes? Is this an alternate reality? Or something far worse?

Above, check out an interior page from the inaugural chapter of “Gothtopia,” featuring the different versions of Batwing (“Flying Fox”), Talon (“the Gothamite”), and the Birds of Prey (“Wings of Truth”). And don’t forget to follow “Gothtopia” this winter through the pages of upcoming issues of DETECTIVE COMICS, BATWING, CATWOMAN, BIRDS OF PREY, and BATGIRL. – Bob Harras

Detective Comics #27 hits the stands 01/08/14

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