Comics-X-Aminer Presents: Review Of Lobo: The Animated Web Series


By Cory Robinson

Hello all of you Bastiches, have I got a treat for you.  We’ve taken a look at the rare Lobo Paramilitary Christmas movie, now it’s time to take a look at the Lobo web series.  Lobo: The Web Series was a flash cartoon series created around the year 2000 that was commissioned by Warner Brothers and DC Comics during the short period of time when Macromedia Flash cartoons hit it big during the era when people had to use their phone line to get an internet connection and when it took 10 minutes just to load the guest book segment on a TY Beanie Babies Fanpage.

The cartoons all involve Lobo going around the galaxy doing various mercenary jobs for people that usually involve him only getting Cuban cigars.  Most of the episodes have a 4-story arc lasting around three minutes a piece with a flash game available to play before the episodes starts.  The reason why there is a game to play was because the cartoons normally took over ten minutes to load when they originally came out.

Lobo himself is played by Kevin Michael Richardson who is a very experienced voice actor who is mostly known for playing tough-guy roles and does a good job playing Lobo.  The only problem is that he changes his Lobo voice as the series goes on and at first, his voice doesn’t really seem gruff enough for the character but as time goes on, he starts sounding more and more like Lobo towards the later half of the series.

The series lasted 14 episodes which each episode lasting around three minutes with every episode having an ‘interactive segment’ that varies throughout each episode.  Most of the interactive segments involve clicking on a skull during a key moment in the cartoon in order to see Lobo or someone else cause some sort of bodily harm to another person.  This adds a nice interactive touch to the series, but most of the segments involve you randomly shooting aliens to death.

If you haven’t guessed by now, this series is REALLY violent.  Almost to the point that it makes Newgrounds blush with the copious amounts of blood and gore in every episode.  The main running gag in the series involves Lobo’s main power to regenerate every time he loses a body part or gets shot, and we see this gag a lot.  They do this gag so much it makes The Happy Tree Friends seem tame in comparison.

Overall, if you’re a Lobo fan then you will enjoy the web series because it incorporates the violence from the comic book into the web series plus many adult jokes that would never makes it in any cartoon today produced by Warner Brothers.  It really is shocking that Warner Brothers and DC Comics actually allowed to have this much violence in a DC Comics property, but most likely because the World Wide Web was still a new foreground at the time so the companies probably did not put a lot of time or property into overseeing the project as they would today.

Now, the main problem was actually finding the flash cartoons to show you guys because the main website went defunct over 10 years ago.  Some of the cartoons were added onto YouTube, but did not have the interactive segments included with them and the quality of the transfers are fairly poor with the audio out of sync for a few seconds.  But, after doing extensive digging throughout all four corners of the internet with no luck, I’ve decided to go back in time to finally bring to you the Lobo web series.  With success I finally bring to you the whole series minus one episode thanks to a defunct Lobo fansite made possible because of the Internet Archive.  It’s been a chore hunting this series down, but if you’re a Lobo fan like myself then I think you should give this a watch.

WARNING: What you are about to watch contains several scenes of graphic violence and if you are watching these with any children in the room, you should turn them away until you are done watching.  If you are a person who is squeamish to blood and gore then it is also recommended that you should not watch this. Click here.


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