New Images: Batman: Arkham Origins 1/4 Scale Figure


Introducing 18 Inches of Pure Vigilante Fury!

One of the most exciting items on display in our booth at last month’s Toy Fair was a certain caped crime-fighter with a thing for bats. The prototype of our 1/4 scale figure from the Batman: Arkham Origins video game got a lot of attention, so once we (mostly) recovered from the show, we took him into the photo studio for an up-close demonstration of his abilities!

NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-002 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-003 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-004 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-005 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-006 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-007 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-008 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-009 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-010 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-011 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-012 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-013 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-014 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-015 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-016 NECA-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Quarter-Scale-017

Straight from Batman: Arkham Origins, the latest chapter in the Arkham saga, Batman stands 18″ tall and features over 25 points of articulation, a real fabric cape, and accessories which include Batarang and grapnel gun.

This item hits the shelves 05/14


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