Ultimate Spider-Man To ‘Loosely Adapt’ Spider-Verse

Marvel Entertainmet, via USA Today, have annouced that the next season of Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man will include a Spider-Verse storyline.

Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, the third season of the popular Disney XD series, premieres Aug. 31 with a ton of comic-book guest stars, a bigger scope of the Marvel Universe than before and a “Spider-Verse” story line that will introduce Spidey (voiced by Drake Bell) to his counterparts from various alternate realities, including Miles Morales.

The new episodes are “going to really show how important Spider-Man — and by extension Peter Parker — is to the entire universe we’ve built,” says Stephen Wacker, former Spider-Man editor at Marvel Comics and current vice president in Marvel Television’s animation division.

“Spider-Man is the center of everything we do. He’s arguably the face of our company, him and Robert Downey Jr.”

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