More Details About That DC Comics Event With The Pre-52!

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For the better of this month Bleeding Cool has been running stories that DC was pitting heroes of the old status quo against their New 52 counterparts.
Well, the site now advises that isn’t the case at all. Their source has clarified that the New 52 (aside from Earth 2) will not be represented at all.
Instead the comics will see heroes from different realities pitted against each other.

War Of The Elseworlds. Else Wars.
But every Superman will have trunks, no one will have collars and they’ll be married, or something. We look forward to Dan DiDio and Marie Javins telling us more at San Diego.

The event will launch in 2015 and will see twenty two-part stories published over two months with a weekly series running through it, forty-eight issues in all.

Disappointed? Didn’t this sort of thing happen already in Zero Hour?
1940s Batman
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