Review: Superman #32

Review Of Superman #32
By Christopher Rekitzke

Brand new creative team, brand new chapter for the Man Of Steel. How does it all measure up? Find out after the jump.


Superman fans rejoice! Romita is here! Johns is here! Swooping into the streets of Metropolis this week is “Superman” #32. Supermans back, “Forever Evil” is over, Lex Luthor is a hero, the world is upside down, and Lebron James is still a panzy. Writing this superb issue of “Superman” is the sensational Geoff Johns. Johns comes in swinging, bringing his A game to a title that really needed it, especially after the poor run writer, Scott Lobdell supplied. Hammering Superman into the streets on this run, drawing his first ever DC work, is the ever-awesome, John Romita Jr. supplying absolutely beautiful art and having superman kick some giant-gorilla ass.

You know the story, alien-boy shot out into the dark void, escaping his homeworld which faces imminent demise, crashing on a world far different than his own. Or do you? This issue of “Superman” is a good one, taking Clark Kent back a step, keeping him classic, but also reminding the world that not everyone is as original as they’d like to be, that even a guy like Superman has a man that’s just as strong and just as bold. Flying in this week is a character much like Clark, nearly down to the teeth. Different face, different name, different time– all details. Ulysses is the last son of Earth, and he’s back and to his surprise, his desolate planet is thriving and very alive.

In this issue of “Superman” readers witness the creation of a hero much like the man of steel and a lot more. Escaping their home planet this week is Ulysses, the last son of Earth. 25 years ago, three miles under Omaha, Nebraska was the doomed “Ulysses Research Center.” Facing impending doom, in a frantic effort to save their baby, parents of the young Ulysses ship their child off into the “fourth dimension” knowing only that the air in the dimension has the potential to empower human physiology. Jump to the future where we see Jimmy Olsen snapping pics of the man of steel as he pummels, Titano the Super-Ape. Jimmy then attempts to sell the pictures of Supes’, which are rather blurry, to Perry White, editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, who seems to have his own agenda. Making his return to the planet in this issue is Superman himself, Clark Kent, there to converse with Perry White, who wants Clark back at the planet. Declining the offer, and returning home to sulk, we see a side of Superman that is much needed. We see Clark be a regular guy. We’re reminded that Superman is just like anybody else. Even the man of steel needs a break, not that it lasts. Within the final pages of this spectacular issue, Superman takes on an extra-dimensional villain, and gets his ass handed to him in the process. There to save Supes’ is the man we’ve all been waiting for, Ulysses, pounding the foe into the ground with the combined force of Superman. Cut to black, the orphan from Earth is back. A new hero is born, and many questions are raised. Is Ulysses like Superman? Is he a savior or a tyrant? Will he pose a threat? Will this book get delayed like Justice League? All these and more!

As far as creative teams go, this is the dream team. Romita’s art is awesome. The writing is amazing, Geoff Johns does a stellar job. Reminding me that Clark Kent is still a man, just like anybody, whether he’s kryptonian or not he still retains his humanism. And Props to Laura Martin on the colors! This is a lively book, colorful, beautiful, and over all, awesome. I’ve been anticipating this book since the rumors arose that Romita was coming, that didn’t really hook me, I couldn’t have cared less about Romita, Geoff Johns’ name got the purchase from the start. But I must admit the art is beautifully done.This is an excellent jumping on point for any reader of all ages. Prepare to be amazed! Grab this book before it flies away and prepare for an epic!

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