First Official Photo Of Henry Cavill From Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice!


Warner Brothers, via USA Today, released the first official image of Henry Cavill as the Big Red “S”.
The director (Zack Snyder)can’t say exactly how the relationship between the two superheroes evolves, “but suffice it to say there is a ‘v’ in between their names” in the movie title, Snyder says. He explains that having the “v” instead of “vs.” is a way “to keep it from being a straight ‘versus’ movie, even in the most subtle way.”

Snyder’s only done a few scenes so far with Cavill and Affleck together, but the historical significance isn’t lost on him, he says. “It’s never really been done and it’s kinda cool.”

By the way, I’ve seen Superman strike this pose before. Oh yes….
_Superman 10

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice opens in theaters 05/06/16

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