Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Rumor And News Round Up!

Earlier this week, a few gossip sites got their hands on a supposedly leaked script for the upcoming film. Of course, this amazing scoop dominated most of their content for days as all of them analyzed the script as if it were the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination.
Highlights of the script’s story that set a many a fanboys’ hearts a flutter were the inclusions of such characters as Kyle Rayner, Jason Todd, and Carrie Kelley as well as notable villains Morgan Edge, David Cain, and Amanda Waller (Can she really be considered a villain?). Well faster than a speeding bullet came word from someone who allegedly works for the WB that this script is a red-herring written by Kevin Smith.
Interesting gauntlet being thrown down here as many don’t know whether or not to believe the story that Warner Brothers has nothing better to do than to pay Smith to a write a bogus script just so they can mindf**k a bunch of fans eagerly anticipating this movie or that the script is in fact real and the Smith story is meant to throw everyone off.

Speaking of Kevin Smith. During his Fatman On Batman podcast, Smith once again offered a description of the BVSDOJ Batsuit while speaking to Neal Adams. “I’m telling you, that’s what they’re doing in this new movie (pointing to The Dark Knight Returns: Hunt For The Dark Knight Statue). It’s him in material. None of this body armor sh*t.” Many assumed that Bat-Affleck would be sporting a cloth costume, resembling heavy kevlar, as wrinkles in his outfit are prominent in that first photo released awhile back. Check out the side by side comparison.


Lastly, is Gal Gadot done filming her scenes for BVSDOJ? Not at all. Even though the actress has been spotted on the set of another movie, Zack Snyder told USA Today he hasn’t even filmed Gadot as Wonder Woman yet and that, ”she’s working out and getting buff and ripped.”

I believe it’s safe to assume scenes with Gadot as Diana are finished while her as Wonder Woman will be filmed at a later date.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice opens in theaters 05/06/16

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