Kevin Smith Shares Thoughts About His Star Wars Episode VII Set Visit


Kevin Smith recently did a Q and A at the Neuchatel International Film Festival in Switzerland.
During which he talked about his set visit to the latest installment of the Star Wars saga. Hit the 35 minute mark for the Star Wars stuff, however the entire hourlong video is enjoyable though there it does some NSFW language.

Here are a couple of quotes by Smith regarding the Millennium Falcon.
The guy told me they took two blueprints—Star Wars & Empire, because the cockpit in Empire—never knew this before, the cockpit in Empire was bigger than the cockpit in Star Wars. So they went somewhere between the two.

As I walked up that ramp, I realized something was missing from those other movies—and it’s now in these movies. And it’s not the obvious of like “Hey! The Millennium Falcon” or “Hey! The characters that we know, who are returning” It’s—It’s something else entirely. He’s (J.J. Abrams) building a tactile world, a world you can touch. And he’s replicating it with all the love of somebody who has got the greatest collection of Star Wars figures.

Star Wars Episode VII opens in theaters 12/18/15

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