New Images: DC Collectibles NYCC ’14 Display


DC Collectibles displayed a nice mix of previously and soon to be released statues and action figures at NYCC ’14.
Here’s a list of what is currently displayed:
Batman: The Animated Series

New Adventures Batman
New Adventures Mr. Freeze
New Adventures Two-Face
Animated Series Catwoman
Arrow TV Series

Oliver Queen
Greg Capullo Designer Series

Batman Series 1
Talon Series 1
Nightwing Series 1
The Riddler Series 1
Thrasher Suit Batman Series 2
Mr. Freeze Series 2
Red Hood Series 2
Catwoman Series 2

Wonder Woman – Art of War
DC Bombshells Holiday Harley Quinn
Superman: The Man of Steel by Moebius
Batman – Black & White by Franicis Manapul

Lil’ Gotham
DC Wood Figures

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