Cool Cosplay: Batman, Harley Quinn, And More!


Kathleen Quinn of Puku Cosplay Productions wanted to make a distinct difference between Kate Kane and Bruce Wayne with a female version of Batman, for that reason she simply calls this cosplay, The Bat.

Basically the outfit was made with the help of Michele Nordahl who had sewn the base bodysuit and cape, based off Quinn’s own design and fabric choice.

From there on, Quinn made the rest of the costume herself! The breastplate and gauntlets were made with Worbla, a thermoplastic, and detailed with craft foam and hot glue. From them she sealed with gesso and spray-painted black.
This was her first time working with Worbla, and I’m sure you’d agree the outcome is terrific.



The utility belt started off as a plain black belt that was picked up a few years ago at a thrift store, and then Quinn added everything else with pleather pouches, and knickknacks from around my house (hot-glue sticks, markers, etc.) that she painted black and adhered on. In her own words: ‘It’s a quick-make, but it gives it more of a utility-belt look and not the metal-armor one that a lot of the recent Batman designs have.’

The boots were a buy from eBay, and the cowl and neckpiece were commissioned from City FX. It’s made of urethane rubber.

(the photographers for the attached photos are PhotoPersuasion and Cayden Vierra Cosplay)

Raven From Teen Titans By Ally-bee

Black Cat By Jenna Lynn Cosplay, Photography By Photsnxs

Harley Quinn By Elise Archer

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