Cool Cosplay: Iron Man, Lady Loki, And More – Costuming Work Of Hermes III

Normally in Cool Cosplay I spotlight the cosplayer and the photographer with a link to their pages. Today, however, I’m featuring the colossal talent of cosplayer/costume maker, Hermes Baretto Neto (Hermes III). You may not be familiar with his name, but you definitely seen his work modeled by most high-profile cosplayers – I’ll get to that momentarily. Check out his fantastic Iron Man Mark 1 cosplay.

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The Iron Man Mark One is almost entirely EVA foam,except for some snaps ans the ARC Reactor, which is mostly made out of paper, save for the outer ring, which is sink-caulking silicone. The Helmet, for instance,was made in roughly 2 hours, save for the paintjob. The build was so fast…. I took my time only on the Engine on the back and wiring. Engine, I should say, that has a rotor that spun as it should. – Hermes III

Additionally Neto has made cosplay outfits for his girlfriend cosplayer Elisa Sigrid. Here she is as Cersei.

Cersei’s corset is also full EVA, with a metal bar to hold the upper spire’s shape underneath, and all sculpted over the course of about 4 hours. 3 on the front plate, a much harder sort of rubber than the rest, which were a breeze. Then iaolated and painted with two shades of gold and a brown wash.

Check her out as The Winter Soldier.

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Finally as Lady Loki

Finally, as I’ve stated above, Neto’s work has been seen by many of us. Here are just a few examples:

Wonder Woman By Shiree Collier

Rule 63 Robocop By Freddie Nova, Additional information about the outift: Foam crafted by SuperHero/Villain Costumes by Hermes Barreto Neto, Smoothcast hardened & mid-section reformed by Alex Piotrowski, sanded, metal finished & rubbercoated by Freddie Nova then Dremel engraved & purp/blue airbrush sheened to perfection by Shawn Warren of Erie Design

Scorpion From Mortal Kombat By Lisa Ricci

You can check out more of Hermes Baretto Neto’s work here:

Feel free to click on the models’ names to view more of their work.

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