DC Collectibles New DC Bombshells Batwoman And Retro Wonder Woman Statues

DC Collectibles have been revealing great soon to be released product all this week as part of their celebration hitting 250,000 likes on Facebook. Check out the latest DC Bombshells statue, Batwoman.

BONUS: Feel free to view this video of how this line of this came to be.
The pinup-styled statues that make up our DC Comics Bombshells line are some of the most popular collectibles we’ve ever produced. But where did the idea first come from? And how did it become such a successful line? In this exclusive video timeline, we look at the Bombshells line as it journeys from concept to collectible, wrapping up with your first look at our newest Bombshell statue: Batwoman!

Based on the incredible pin-up illustrations by Ant Lucia and sculpted by the talented Tim Miller, this statue hits the shelves Fall, 2015.
Next up DC Collectibles revealed Wonder Woman: The Art of War Statue By Robert Valley. This item is based on those 1970’s looking animated DC Nation shorts.
With their invisible muscle car, roller skating Giganta and wave riding Wonder Woman, the animated Wonder Woman shorts created by Robert Valley stand as one of the most original interpretations of the iconic hero ever set to film. Now, this stylish take is brought to life by DC Collectibles as the latest statue in the Wonder Woman: The Art of War line.

Look for it in comic book and specialty stores in Fall, 2015!

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