First Look At Justice League: Gods And Monsters Animated Movie!

This standalone Justice League movie by Bruce Timm is a departure from the heroes we all know. Check out the gallery below and read on for minor details.








Here’s the breakdown on the trinity:

In this alternate reality Superman is the son of General Zod. He is more violent than the version we’re used to.

Batman is not Bruce Wayne but actually Kirk Langstrom who’s battling cancer. While trying to find a cure for this disease, he injected himself with a bat-venom that turned him into a pseudo-vampire.

Wonder Woman is part of the ‘New Gods’ and is married to Orion.

Now, the villains:
Darkseid no explanation needed

Lex Luthor is depicted as a Stephen Hawking type but as always with Lex, there’s more than meets the eyes.

The plot:
Members of this Justice League are being framed for the murders of the planet’s most prominent scientists such as Ray Palmer, Victor Fries, and Silas Stone. They attempt to investigate these homicides while feeling pressures from outside sources.

Justice League: Gods And Monsters DVD/Blu-ray hits the shelves 2015

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