Cool Cosplay Special: Arkham Knight Red Hood Costume By Malmey Studios!

Malmey Studios have blooged about their Arkham Knight Red Hood cosplay outfit. Check it out in their own words.

We have always loved the Red Hood character even all the way back to the days of The Joker portraying him. We have thought many times about making this costume but it was not until the pictures of Red Hood were leaked from the Batman: Arkham Knight the game that we were truly inspired to do the costume. We love the grittiness and the tactical look of the art and I’m sure that his badassery will translate perfectly to the game.
This image is so awesome were not even sure where to start, so we started with the chest. In typical Malmey Studios fashion we were not going for a 100% correct portrayal of someone else’s work but for our own interpretation inspired by the Red Hood the Arkham team devolved.

The chest is grey which we love and has what appears to be a new symbol on it that seems to be the perfect mixture of bird and bat. For this part of the suit we turned to our Red Hood Tactical Vest we had previously made and painted it grey. Next we turned our attention to the helmet. This was no easy task as the helmet appears to have no eye holes and no transparency at all. While I love the Helmet we decided to take a slightly different approach. We took a resin shell and drilled some holes then painted and covered the shell with a see through material that resembles carbon fiber. Took a torch to it added some resin respirator looking things and boom, done.

After the custom vest and helmet were done the rest was pretty easy. Tactical pants, knee pads, black leather jacket, red hoodie, a custom belt and a couple tactical drop holsters. We are pretty happy with our final out come and again while not 100% accurate we feel it’s an awesome representation!

Malmey Studios also have put together a Red Hood tactical vest that is closer to the game design:

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