Cool Cosplay Special: Building Aquaman


Jeremey And Mallie Adams of Malmey Studios made this nifty tutorial about how to put together an awesome Aquaman cosplay. Here it is in their own words

We started to design the piece, this was no easy task as AquaMan has had a few costumes and none of them were very impressive! We did find that there are some impressive parts to the Aquaman Costume throughout the years however. So we did a little research and chose our favorite parts and put them together for what we hope will be an excellent AquaMan costume.

Here is our original design:

This is the front of the costume, we will be designing the back as well. First off, we Like the scaled shirt of “Classic and current Aquaman and wanted to keep that, We also wanted to bring the Scales down into the legs but not too much, we don’t want him looking like a Merman. You will notice the Left arm is not scaled, we wanted it to have Armor on that arm as I think we will also do a gauntlet on this same arm. We added a tribal type Shark to the Left armor just to give it that royal Atlantis feel. The Scales will run down the Right arm as we like the idea of the skin being covered. You will also notice we went this an armor and not an organic look. I’m a huge fan of the New 52 and like the look of the armor, I feel it brings a little more mortality to the situation. Even If I could talk to sharks i would not do in in my PJ’s. I also Kept the Brief look, I’m not sure why, I guess it’s the super friends fan in me. I’m also keeping the classic colors Orange, Green and Gold.

Here is the design all colored up, keep in mind that the “real” costume will be darker but this is just to give you an idea.

Now this is only the back design we kept it pretty simple and continued with the design from the front of the costume. Same color scheme and armored left arm.

Here is the black and white design:
Founders Sign
and the color:
Founders Sign

We got a great first pull out of the molds for the Aquaman armor, we stuck to our guns on our color scheme and are very pleased with the way it turned out. Here are a couple of pics of it just kinda draped over our duct tape dummy.

We were not able to properly mount this because the back is still wet and in the mold. I’m hoping to be able to pull and paint the back tonight so that we can finish construction this week, Thursday perhaps (or at least before the world ends). I still have to do the belt and gauntlets. we are pretty sure that we are going to go ‘gloveless’ and just use regular green boots, all ‘vintage’ style. Hope everyone is liking where this is going so far.

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O.K. this suit is moving right along and should be complete this week. We have Nearly finished the suit with final touches being the only part remaining. We have attached both sections of the suit to the under suit, the arms gave us a little problem but nothing a little seam work didn’t handle. After 3 years of making suits this way we finally feel like we are starting to really get this under control, this was a 2 part suit a front and a back, with a couple more minor changes the seam will fit perfect.

Anyway back to this suit, Really all we have to do to finish the suit is some touch up painting, a little more seaming, and finish up the gauntlets. That’s it really. We also have to decide what we are going to do about the boots, but we are leaning towards green boots.

We finally got the Aquaman costume done as we finished off everything and added gauntlets.
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Here’s a terrific photo of the finished costume.

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