Review: Cyborg #1

By Christopher Rekitzke

Finally, A Review of “Cyborg” #1

Delays– They happen, an everyday occurrence of the 21st century; ranging from a variety of doses. On the large side of things: flights. However, acceptable, maybe it’s better to wait another five hours in the midst of a frigid ice storm than to be the latest story on the ten o’clock news. While on the simpler and less life threatening side: the pizza guy gets lost so my family sized mushroom, pepperoni and sausage gets delayed five minutes. But hey, maybe that’s not a bad thing. Five minutes is enough time to get existential and question life and a plethora of other things, like “why the hell am I buying a family sized pizza for myself? Have I no shame?”

But, there is nothing more aggravating and unacceptable than the delay of a comic book. Hyperbolic sure, but irritating nonetheless, no matter the book.

And if it weren’t for Ivan Reis’ pencils, I might call for the head of Dan DiDio.

A month after it’s scheduled release date, “Cyborg” the latest title of the DCYou line is finally here.

Sporting a new sleeker look, Cyborg debuts in his own solo series written by David F. Walker with the art team from DC’s fantastic “Blackest Night” (pencils by Ivan Reis and colors by Joe Prado). The series is on track to take a deeper look into the character as well as develop Victor Stone moving forward. Or as it were on the front cover: the “man inside the machine.” Which, Walker’s script accomplishes among other things, like a nice narrative that fills in new readers gracefully, making the book accessible for all readers new and old.

As far costumes go, Cyborg’s new look isn’t a drastic change and it does not it hurt to look at, nor does it bring tears to the eyes of middle aged men everywhere.

It helps that Ivan Reis is drawing, and when the redesigns for Superman and Wonder Woman are as questionable as they are –and they are– nearly anything can look great… except you, of course, Aquaman.

All jokes aside, Cyborg is worth checking out even if it wasn’t on your subscription and you weren’t constantly deprived of picking it up week-in and week-out. Issue one features a nice start to a solo series for Vic Stone with solid writing from David F. Walker and pencils by Ivan Reis, need I say anymore.

…Did I mention Ivan Reis? Because he’s penciling this book.

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