New Images: Unused PLANET HULK Animated Movie Art By Alex Ross!

Alex Ross is known exceptionally photo-realistic paintings of superheroes and when Marvel was planning a Planet Hulk animated movie, they had asked the artist to create the DVD/Blu-ray cover. Check out his pencil sketches as well as the finished design.




alex-ross-concept-sketches-for-marvels-planet-hulk-animated-film4 (1)

“Anything that Alex Ross does is Awesome, but it takes on another level when he does it on a project that you’re associated with. I’m cleaning up my files I came across these concept sketches for the cover art to my Planet Hulk animated movie I did for Marvel / Lionsgate a few years back. I forgot about them until recently. If you’re like me, you love how things are created and the process that leads to the final art. Here are 3 concepts that he pitched with the one that made it to the final cut with just a minimal change.” – Planet Hulk Supervising Director Frank Paur

Via Geek Tyrant

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