Marvel Announces New International Iron Man Series!


Marvel, via EW, has unveiled the latest title in their All-New, All-Different universe. International Iron Man by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev will take Ol’ Shellhead on an adventure that spans across 20 countries.

I think we all, no matter where we are in our lives, feel that the world has gotten much smaller. We can all reach out to each other no matter where we are in the world. We feel each other’s pains and victories. I think for Tony it’s like that times 100. He’s much more aware of the global situation and how a big fight with Galactus in New York would affect things in other parts of the world. And yes, why do the villains always attack New York? Why is New York the house of Legos that constantly needs to be rebuilt? If I was a villain, New York is the last place I’d attack, because you know, just by math, there are 700 superheroes in a 17-block radius. I’d go anywhere else. We’ll be dealing with some of the criminals in the Marvel Universe who are smart enough to put that together in their head finally. Tony’s gonna be racing to help people that don’t necessarily always get the attention of the Marvel superheroes.

Not to spoil too much but Dr. Doom is going to be a big part of Tony’s life. So, yes. You never know where he’s gonna show up. That’s one of the best parts of Dr. Doom, especially a repentant, but still crazy arrogant, Dr. Doom. – Brian Michael Bendis

International Iron Man #1 hits the stands in early 2016

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