The Creeps #5 with original story by T. Casey Brennan available for pre-order!

Legendary author, T. Casey Brennan, has returned to comics with an original story to be published in The Creeps #5, a magazine done in the Warren Publications anthology style. Check out this awesome cover by artist, Ken Kelly.

“Woman of the Serpent” is Brennan’s own modern take on his classic tale, “Carrier of the Serpent” originally published in Eerie #38 from 02/72.

Brennan is most known to comic fans for his work on Vampirella, Creepy, Eerie, DC Comics’ House of Mystery, and Archie Comics’ Red Circle Sorcery as well as the Hypothetical Cerebus with art by Dave Sims.

Also worthy of note, Brennan campaigned to have depictions of smoking in comics banned, which led then-Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas to issue a proclamation designating January 1990 as “T. Casey Brennan Month”.

Honors and accolades still continue for the card-carrying member of MENSA as he is planning on attending a party for the organization’s chapter in Wixom, MI. Too bad T. Casey can’t promote it at the MENSA party as he wanted to bring free comics but can’t.

The Creeps #5 will hit the stands on 01/25/16. Don’t miss your chance to read the latest from T. Casey and pre-orders yours HERE.

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