First Look at CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Action Figures!


Hasbro, via IGN, has released some official pics of their upcoming action figures based on the new Captain America movie. Shown in the gallery below are:

Captain America Civil War Legends 3.75″

Captain America with motorcycle

Captain America Civil War Legends 6″
Captain America
Iron Man Mark 46
Black Panther

Avengers Titans 12″
Black Widow

Captain America Civil War Miniverse 2.5″
Face Off Play Set – Iron Man Armory
Face Off Play Set -Captain America’s Bunker
Falcon and War Machine 2-Pack
Winter Soldier and Vision 2-Pack
Captain America and Crossbones 2-Pack
Hawkeye and Black Panther 2-Pack

No word on when these items will hit the shelves, but my guess is any week now because ….
Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters 05/06/16

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