Preview of THE CREEPS Magazine #10

My good pal T. Casey Brennan recently has had his work published in The Creeps magazine. Check it out.

Stories By
Don Glut, Nicola Cuti, T. Casey Brennan, Artie Godwin
Art By
Nik Poliwko, Reno Maniquis, Jason Paulos, Mike Dubisch, Masyur Daman, Richard Corben
Cover By
Cover Price

The Creeps accurately recreates the iconic Warren horror comic magazines popular in the 1970’s by emulating Warren’s early page layouts and by publishing new work created in the classic style by original Warren artists, writers and editors. Each issue of The Creeps is a highly collectible instant classic!

The Creeps #10 is available and if your local comic shops doesn’t carry it, ask then to special order it for you sing Diamond code FEB172266

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