Cool Cosplay Wizard World Chicago ’17 Part 1: Pennywise, Catwoman, And More!

I stopped by Wizard World Chicago Comic Con taking place this weekend at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.  Check it out.

Black Cat by Nicole Jean Marie

Grand Admiral Thrawn by Unknown

Rule 63 Kraven, Hobgoblin, Shocker, And The Rhino by Jamandasaurus, Ted Hack, and Unknown

Darth Maul by Unknown

Clone Trooper by Unknown

First Order Stormtrooper, Hobgoblin, Rule 63 Kraven, General Hux, And Kylo Ren by Unknown, Ted Hack, Jamandasaurus, Unknown, and Unknown

Sandtrooper, Emperor Palpatine, And Twi’lek by Unknown

Unknown, Black Canary, And Rule 63 Ghost Rider by Unknown

Pickle Rick And Noob Noob by Unknown

Macho Man And Hulk Hogan by Unknown

Black Bolt And Crystal by Unknown

Rule 63 Napoleon Dynamite And Mara Jade by Unknown

Supergirl by Unknown

Rule 63 Joker by Unknown

Poison Ivy And Harley Quinn by Unknown

Red Hood by Unknown

Zatanna by Unknown

Rule 63 Negan And Biker Scout by Unknown

Mary Marvel, Hitman, And Green Lantern by Tania Mongar, Gary Mongar, and Badger BLU Cosplay

Carrie Kelley/Robin And Raven by Unknown

Wolverine by Unknown

Pennywise by Unknown

Baby Doll, Emma Frost, And Marcelline by Unknown

Roadhog by Unknown

Unity And Rule 63 Rick Sanchez by Unknown

Rule 63 Kraven And Hobgoblin by Jamandasaurus and Ted Hack

Killer Clown From Outer Space by Unknown

Catwoman by Unknown

Unknown And Cyndi by Unknown and Jen Greeley

Harley Quinn by Unknown

Wonder Woman by Unknown

It was wonderful to see a few familiar faces who have been previously in this column. More to come tomorrow

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