Cool Cosplay: Wizard World Chicago ’17 Part 2 – Boba Fett, Psylocke, And More!

Harley Quinn by Unknown

Psylocke by Brit Bliss

Hawkgirl And Hawkman by Unknown

Seventh Sister And Darth Revan by Unknown

Mandalorian And Arrow by Unknown

Cad Bane by Unknown

Two-Face, Riddler, And Bane by Unknown

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Carrie Kelley/Robin, And Batman by Unknown

Aquaman And Mera by Unknown

The Baroness And Cobra Soldiers by Unknown

Wonder Woman And Cyclops by Termina Cosplay and Laycee

Maleficient/Harley Quinn Mashup by Mogchelle Cosplay

Catwoman by Unknown

Hawkeye, Captain America, And Black Widow by Badger BLU Cosplay, Gary Mongar, and Tania Mongar

Boba Fett by Unkown

DC Comics Bombshells Harley Quinn by Unknown

Rogue And Gambit by Unknown

Snow White And Mr. Poopy Butthole by Unknown

Tenth Doctor And Rose by Tenthandahalfdoctor

Kim Possible by Unknown

Deathstroke, Unknown, And Deadpool by Unknown

Wonder Woman by Rebekah_Anne72

Pickle Rick by Chris Radomski

Swamp Thing by Victori Belle Cosplay

Drax And Mantis by Jason JWorm Kretche and Crystal Kretche

Jason Voorhees by Unknown

Jessica Jones by Unknown

Penguin by Unknown

Ferngully by Unknown

Spawn by Unknown

Nightcrawler by Unknown

Wonder Woman by Unknown

Luke Cage by Unknown

Rick Sanchez And Scary Terry by Unknown

Venom And Doc Ock by Unknown

Red Skull by Unknown

Darth Talon by Unknown

One-Punch Man by Unknown

Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Batman, Two-Face, The Outsider, The Riddler, Bane, And Zoom by Unknown

Kraven, Spider-Man, And Hobgoblin by Jamandasaurus, Unknown, and Ted Hack

Boba Fett, Darth Vader, And General Greivous by Unknown

Madame Hydra And Red Skull by Purrfect Cosplay and Red Skull Alliance Cosplay

Yondu And Rogue by Unknown

Please accept my sincerest apologies to whomever I took photo of without getting your information. Feel free to comment below if you are, or if you know, the “unknown” cosplayers with the information. More to come tomorrow.

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