Cool Cosplay: Wizard World Chicago ’17 Part 3 – Wolverine, Gwenpool, And More!

Black Knight by Unknown

Rule 63 Barf by Unknown

Major From Ghost In The Shell by mc.vik

The Crow by Unknown

Puppet Master by Unknown

Beatrice Kiddo And Storm by Unknown

Space Ace And The Demon by Purrfect Cosplay and Red Skull Alliance Cosplay

Nicole Marie Jean

Mogchelle Cosplay, Lady Dragon Art, and Brit Bliss

Kurousagi by Termina Cosplay

Wookie by Unknown

Harley Quinn by CaitCaitRose

Daphne Blake From Scooby-Doo by TheFanged4

Domino Vs. Luke Cage by Calypso722 and Fire_Forge Cosplay

Deadpool, Domino, And Cable by Maniac Papa SmurfCalypso722, and Matthew

Dr. Bunsen Honeydoo And Beaker by JoeHe-Cosplay

The Incredible Hulk Hogan by Unknown

Gwenpool And Shay Patrick Cormac by Dead Ladypool and Unknown

Lady Deadpool by Unknown

Agent Peggy Carter And Captain Marvel by Unknown

Sam From Trick Or Treat by Unknown

Wolverine by Unknown

Daryl Dixon by Unknown


Please accept my sincerest apologies to whomever I took photo of without getting your information. Feel free to comment below if you are or if you know the “unknown” cosplayers with their names

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