New Concept Art And Images From Justice League

There is no doubt that original director Zack Snyder’s initial vision for the Justice League differed from the finished product we got from replacement director Joss Whedon. And now, a bunch of images and concept designs have popped up online giving us a glimpse of what might have been in the gallery below:

I realize there is a small and vocal group of fans out there who want a Snyder version of this film to be released in some capacity (theatrical or Blu-ray) even though several people directly involved with Justice League’s production have said it doesn’t exist. Word has it that almost a year ago, Snyder had screened a very rough and unfinished (no vfx) cut to Warner Bros. execs and their reaction to it resulted in them calling the movie an “unwatchable mess”. So be careful what you wish for. Anyway, Justice League, as it is, should be released digitally very soon (rumored end of this month or early February).

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