Justice League Blu-Ray Confirms Scene Not Included In Theatrical Release

While Warner Bros. has yet to give us an official announcement about the blu-ray and digital version of Justice League, Walmart has listed the preorder for their exclusive version which boasts “a bonus scene not seen in theaters”. That’s definitely awesome news but likely not enough to satisfy fans asking for a cut by director Zack Snyder. Several rumors have circulated around the web that Snyder’s original cut featured modern Green Lanterns, a cameo by Darkseid, and a more detailed backstory on the Mother Boxes – none of which have been confirmed and there have been a few Cyborg and Flash deleted scenes with unfinished vfx that have popped up online. The only tidbit I received about a “Snyder” cut was the same one that every other website caught wind of at the time, a very rough cut (unfinished musical score and vfx) was shown by Snyder to Warner Bros. execs in late 2016 and their response to it was very reactionary by deeming the film an unwatchable mess. Warner Bros then called in Joss Whedon, the man behind the first Avengers movie which was a colossal hit for Marvel Studios, to help out with production. Whether or not Whedon saved the movie remains debatable.

No release date yet for the Justice League blu-ray. I’ll keep you posted.

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