DarkIron Productions Cosplay Gift Box Announced!

DarkIron Productions has launched their monthly cosplay gift box subscription service.

Their objective is to offer an affordable custom costume accessories for all cosplayers! Pick your favorite character and get a monthly cosplay costume gift box! Each gift box will include one-piece of armor or a set of armor pieces depending on your subscription tier! With each box you will also receive an assortment of mystery gifts! The Dark Iron Cosplay Gift Box is ideal for those both new and veteran to the cosplay world!

But that’s not all. DarkIron Productions teamed up with renowned cosplayer and friend of Comics-X-Aminer Michael “Knightmage” Wilson to introduce the new monthly box subscription designed to assist new and veteran cosplayers in completing their dream costume.

Choose from D.I.Y., Silver, or Gold tier memberships. Sign up for yours here

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