New Images: Beast Kingdom SDCC 2018 Exclusive – Justice League Black Suit Superman

DAH-0013SP Justice League Superman Special Color.

1/9 scale (about 18.5 cm tall) “Justice League” Superman action figure

Classic outfit colors from the original comics, painted with matte black and luminous silvery lines
Body with up to 24 points of articulations.
Special fabric cape

One (1) pair of fists
One (1) pair of open hands
One (1) pair of hands for holding
Exclusive action-figure stand

Beast Kingdom’s Dynamic 8ction Heroes (D.A.H.) series: In tribute to the classic DC comics, based on the 1992 story, Death of Superman, the Beast Kingdom’s D.A.H. series brings you the resurrection of the “Last Son of Krypton”- Superman.

The figure completely retains the character’s looks and the outfit’s intricate designs from the movie “Justice League”, with special care on the wrists, boots and the “S” emblem on the chest, using silver paint to recreate the Superman that went “dark”, after his resurrection in the comics. With delicate carvings, combined with professional 3D-animated modeling techniques, as well as a body with multiple points of articulations, the figure faithfully embodies the character’s spirit as seen in the movies, reproducing the classics with modern designs.

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