Cool Cosplay: Wizard World Chicago 2018 Edition – Nightwing, Hela, And More!

Doctor Fate by Knightmage

Green Lantern by Papa Bear

Samurai Thanos by Nerdwood by Aaron

Darkman by Laird C. Dracmor

Twisty The Clown by Groovie Louie

Bender And Vault Boy From Fallout by Unknown

Skeletor by Unknown

Pac-Man by Unknown

Doctor Strange by Unknown

Imperial Officer, Stormtroopers, Director Krenic, And Jawa by Unknown

Darth Revan by unknown

Princess Peach by Unknown

Cthulu And Supporter by Unknown

Twisty The Clown, Kylo Ren, And Rey by Groovie Louie and Unknown

Beetlejuice by Scott Eckelberry, Jenny Hale, Lisa Hale, Shallah Adil, Dan Bowser, Anna Kay, and Joseph Tinman Tinaglia

Nightwing And Starfire by Unknown

Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet by Jen Wendling And Unknown

Harley Quinn by Allie Oyman

Ursula And Princess Allura by Shar Starr and Nerdtastic Mel

Raven by Hendo Art, Photography by NerdyPictures

If you know any of the unnamed cosplayers, feel free to comment with their information. Otherwise, feel free to click on the models’ names to view more of their work.

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