A New Short Story By T. Casey Brennan

Editor’s Note: This story was originally intended for publication by The Miami Herald but any tale by T. Casey Brennan (a prolific writer of classic Vampirella) is one worth reading.
by T. Casey Brennan

This is the story of a coming comic book convention in Michigan, and why people who read the Miami Herald should attend. No – This is the story of Nisa Ozbay and Trisha Posner, girl detectives, and how they almost solved an old mystery.

On Sept. 15, 2018, Monroe, Michigan will hold the Monroe Comic Con, the last because the far larger San Diego convention has been awarded the name, and the greatest because it solves so many mysteries and Miami Beachers risked their lives and careers to put me there, back where I belong, a celebrity writer, where I could – THIS time – tell. Maybe it began when former Miami Beach mayor Alex Daoud signed a Proclamation declaring January 1989 “T. Casey Brennan Month in Miami Beach”, or maybe it began in December, 1962 when I first toured Miami Beach, at the age of fourteen, with my late parents. Ominously, as I feigned sleep, I could hear the twelve chimes of a clock, somewhere nearby, announcing 1963. Where there should have been vacation joy, there was sadness, and where there should have been hope, there was fear: this was 1963, and I was already caught in something, along with my parents, both Michigan school board officials. But comic cons are about fun, and in July of 1969, I suppose, the fun began when the now famous comic book publisher, Warren, presented “Family Curse”, written by me, in the July 1969 comic book title, EERIE.

Soon I was a celeb comic book writer guest at comic book conventions in New York, Detroit, and Toronto, much like this one which is to come. And before that was a fanzine published by a now dead collector named Bob Butts, later to become famous for restoring one of the Batmobiles — in 1964, while we were both still in high school, he gave us the first T. Casey Brennan comic, published in blue on a mimeograph: “Captain Democracy”. So he had been thrown unknowingly into the maelstrom of my early comic book collecting days. My late parents had been Michigan school board officials caught in the web of an osteopath and hypnotist in Port Hope, Michigan, who claimed to be a part of the CIA’s Project MKULTRA. He had demanded a weekly presentation of all my mail from the other comic book collectors, all early teens like myself. In 1953, my kindergarten teacher had promoted me immediately into the first grade so when I entered the ninth grade in Peck High School in 1961, I was thirteen years old. The next decade, the seventies, would introduce me into the world of comics in a far different way — as a writer of sad romantic tales for a number of titles, CREEPY, EERIE, VAMPIRELLA, HOUSE OF MYSTERY, etc. I signed autographs at conventions and published comic book stories, articles and books all over the world.

I’d almost forgotten about my dad’s awful hypnotist who wanted all my letters then, and i had thoroughly forgotten the other part, where they flew me to Dallas and made me shoot. When I was hit by a car and lived a double life in Ann Arbor (street person, comics/JFK celebrity), Nisa Ozbay, a long-time Miami Beach resident and Turkish heiress, found me, helped me get renewed ID and social security, and paid for my rent after I had been homeless for YEARS. That was 2010, and she said she wanted to draw my stories – not the usual comics I’d written, but my JFK memoirs. So when, in July, she met the famous JFK authors, Gerald and Trisha Posner, she immediately called me about it, then had a near deadly accident just after. Ironically, the Posners were my Facebook friends, and had even helped promote a Detroit appearance by my band a few years back. Three more near deadly car crashes followed for Nisa, who had saved me from the streets in 2010, the same year Bugliosi’s JFK book RECLAIMING HISTORY listed me as #8 on page 1496, on a list of possible JFK shooters. Just before the meeting, and subsequent car crash, I had proposed that the Posners initiate something I called Truthergate. Trisha Posner and I had discussed it through emails. Well, at least they didn’t crash Nisa’s car with Trisha Posner in it, since I really like her. But this was the story of a comic book convention, coming soon, and not of the dangers they all faced, the Posners (riding in the car just before), the mayor who made the Proclamation — or even of my still-born plan of Nisa Ozbay and Trisha Posner, girl detectives, who would, at last, through me, solve the JFK assassination. Just an announcement of my coming appearance at the Monroe Comic Con September 15th, in Monroe, Michigan.

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