Cellar Door: A Scifi and Horror Graphic Novel Anthology

Fellow Xaminers, Halloween may be over, but the thirst for chills and suspense never ends. I was fortunate enough to read an advanced copy of the excellent Cellar Door. This is a collection of short stories, by various artist and writers, most of which are told in the same vain of the best by H.P. Lovecraft, while other are trippy enough to fit right into the classic Twilight Zone TV series, and the remaining few are good “popcorn” fun much like the beloved slasher movies from back in the day.  I have been a horror fan most of my life and most often the genre falls a little flat in comic book form but the creative talent behind Cellar Door delivers.

Here’s a unique opportunity to participate in KICKSTARTER campaign (There’s even awesome rewards starting at only $1) and, if successful, get this 140-page hardcover with a matte finish anthology of 15 spine-tingling tales. 


In “Cellar Door”, an author retreats to a secluded manor to overcome his writer’s block. There he meets a hungry reader literally foaming at the mouth for his work. What follows are 15 stories the author must “feed” to his reader to keep himself alive.


  • A man travels back in time to murder his father and gets caught in a mind-blowing loop in “The Oedipus Paradox”;
  • A group of travelers search for eternal life in an abandoned cathedral only to find certain death in the form of “The Clockwork Man”;
  • Three teens in search of a good scare unearth the legend of “Digger’s Grove”;
  • …and many more grisly tales.

Some stories are a love letter to 80s slashers. Others are a homage to the old “Creepy” or “House of Secrets” comics. Still others boast twists from “The Outer Limits” or “The Twilight Zone.” The result is a masterpiece of the macabre in a horrifyingly handsome hardcover that  you’ll be thrilled to share with all of your friends.


Founded in 2011, Chimera’s Comics started as a chain of brick and mortar comic book stores in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. But after a successful Kickstarter campaign for the original graphic novel Magnificent raised nearly $8,000, the stores officially grew into a publishing company committed to stories with meaning.

For nearly a decade, Chimera’s Comics has built a Community of fans and friends, creators and customers. And from that Community over a dozen creators who love horror and the macabre have come together to create “Cellar Door.”

Carmelo Chimera is the co-founder of Chimera’s Comics. He has run five successful Kickstarter campaigns which have collectively raised nearly $100,000. A graduate of the University of Chicago Law School, Carmelo practices law by day and runs Chimera’s Comics by night.


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