Wonder Woman TV Season One Maquette Announced!

Tweeterhead has announced their exclusive Wonder Woman TV Series Season One Maquette. Check out the details below:

We wanted to wait until the holiday passed to give you all of the information on the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman additional purchase to go with your Season 1 Exclusive but since she has popped up on the internet we can’t keep it quiet any longer!
Next Thursday, Dec 27th Lynda Carter Wonder Woman will be going up for pre sale. This will be the variant wearing her cape and trunks. The skirt addition is completely sold out and on Thursday we will be reaching out to all of you that bought the Season 1 Exclusive with an offer for the cape, upper torso and base so you can create 2 interchangeable maquettes.

Chad will be doing a live video next Friday to explain all of the details! Tune in for that next Friday!

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