THE BATMAN Gets A Release Date, Affleck Is Out, James Gunn To Direct SUICIDE SQUAD

Major news concerning the DCEU. According to Deadline, The Batman movie will open in theaters 06/25/21 and, just as rumors had it, will not star Ben Affleck. The film features a younger Dark Knight and the actor himself took to social media to support this new direction for the character on screen:

I hate to see Affleck go and in my opinion Batman doesn’t need another movie reboot/relaunch. We shall see what Matt Reeves and the next person to take on the role brings to the table.

The other big announcement is that James Gunn (GotG) is set to direct the next Suicide Squad movie. This one will not be a sequel but a reboot with only a couple of the actors from the first movie reprising their roles and I’m sure it’s safe to say that will be Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) along with Will Smith (Deadshot). Suicide Squad opens in theaters 08/06/21

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