New Images: DC Comics – Knightfall Batman 1/3 Scale Statue

Museum Masterline Batman (Comics) Knightfall Batman – $1,099

Museum Masterline Batman (Comics) Knightfall Batman EX Version – $1,149

“I’m not him… I’m a lot more… and a lot worse. “

The character first appeared as a villain who became Batman’s pupil and eventually took over the role of Batman through Knightfall. Prime 1 Studio is proud to introduce our MMDC-34 Knightfall Batman from DC Comics. He is a combination of supervillain and superhero. As the characterization, he often changes his personality from a ruthless assassin, Azrael who was created by the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas to a university graduate student of computer science in Gotham City, Jean-Paul Valley. His transition from villain to hero also influence in his appearance. The Museum Masterline Batman statue adopts a variety of Azrael’s costume styles. He wears a reinvented Power armored Batsuit that has a blue cape and a stylized blue bat symbol on the chest with the accent of yellow and gray color. There is a variety of poses that could be interchanged such as the two sets of gauntlet blades, two alternative portraits to give all the most iconic expression. The Exclusive version of MMDC-34EX Knightfall Batman includes an additional alternative portrait. Knightfall Batman Fans don’t miss your opportunity to get the new protector of Gotham City!

Product Specifications
– Statue Size approximately 35 inches tall [(H):87.1cm (W):60.5cm (D):49.9cm]
– One (1) designed base
– One (1) Real Fabric Adjustable Cape
– Two (2) alternate Portraits
– Two (2) Set of Hands
– One (1) Alternate Portrait (In the Exclusive Version Only)

DC Comics – Knightfall Batman 1/3 Scale Statue hits the shelves 06/20

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