Mattel’s SDCC Exclusive BATMAN Items Revealed

2019 is another big year for the Batman, it’s not only the 80th anniversary but also the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s film. Mattel took those opportunities to capitalize on the milestones with some SDCC exclusive merch.

First up is the Hot Wheels version of the Batmobile from Batman ’89. The car, chicks dig the car.

This set will retail for $25.00

Next is a special action figure four-pack that includes such silver age chestnuts as Negative Batman, Rainbow Batman, and the long-awaited Zebra Batman along with a standard looking Caped Crusader.

This set will retail for $80.00

Both items will be available for preorder on Mattel’s website 06/17/19 and will ship out after SDCC has concluded.

Images via iO9

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