Mattel, via Nerdist, revealed their Masters Of The Universe SDCC exclusives.
The Mega Construx Masters of the Universe Battle Bones. OG fans can now resurrect the most powerful dinosaur-like creature in the universe with this Con-exclusive Battle Bones collector’s figure transport, This limited-edition collectors set will transport you right back to your youth – and the 80s! Battle to the bone when you build this completely faithful dinosaur-like creature that features authentic details – like its built-in carry handle and open-and-close jaws to store weapons and accessories– just like the original toy. The set includes four buildable micro action figures, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Faker and a flocked Moss Man, a heroic 20 weapon accessories, and even a Moss Man pine-scented air freshener that smells just like the original action figure!

The set is priced at $30.

Masters of the Universe He-Man & Prince Adam 2-Pack includes one He-Man figure and one Prince Adam figure, both styled to look like the vintage versions of the characters. Prince Adam wears his removable blue vest, while He-Man has a removable knife accessory tucked into his boot, a detail that super fans will recognize from early concept art. The blue instead of pink vest for Adam might seem odd to fans of the classic animated series, but it’s what Adam wore in the original Mattel mini-comics back in the day.

This is priced at $40.

Both these items will be up for preorder at Mattel 06/17/19

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