Figures Toy Company Announces WATCHMEN 8″ Retro Figures

Figures Toy Company, via Mego Museum, has revealed plans to produce a line of 8″ action retro figures (Mego-like in appearance) based on the classic tale, The Watchmen.

That’s right, the cast of characters from one of the most critically acclaimed DC Comics stories ever told are getting their own series of retro figures from Figures Toy Company!

If your only knowledge of Watchmen is of the bloody button on the iconic cover of the graphic novel, then now is the time to get familiar. FTC is developing an entire line of retro figure featuring the vigilante Rorschach, the enigmatic Ozymandias, the almighty Doctor Manhattan, the cocky and cruel Comedian, and all of the other familiar faces from the classic story! Though the story has been told time and time again (including in a feature film and an upcoming HBO television series) this marks the first time that any of these tragic figures have been turned into retro figures!

With Watchmen being so prevalent in pop culture right now due to the impending release of the TV show, the release of Watchmen retro figures is huge news not only for fans of the series, but for Figures Toy Company as well! FTC is bound to capture some of the crossover audience that is introduced to these characters for the first time through the HBO series, which is guaranteed to make this series one of their most anticipated of all time!

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